Gavin Wade ~ Games Developer

Hello I’m Gavin, I’ve been developing Computer Games since 1984 in a range of roles including Programmer, Producer, Technical Director and Managing Director (I even do my own Art from time-to-time). In recent years I’ve been Senior Lecturing and Course Leading at the University of Portsmouth (U.K), while continuing to be involved with game projects in my own time.

Please see my Portfolio page for more details relating to my games. The Softography page lists the majority of the games I’ve developed, with details of my role/contribution. The Practice-based research page has some of the items listed in my academic Research Profile. My Blog includes occasional thoughts and notes I’ve made, when I’ve managed to take a break from games development.

I am currently interested in roles that might make the most of my extensive experience of Computer Games Development and awareness of the Games Industry as a whole. If you have a role I might be interested in, please do get in touch via my LinkedIn page.