The following list includes many (but not all) of the games I’ve contributed to over the years.

TBA [LD/PD/DS] – Windows PC, MacOS/Linux (UE4 title currently in development, more details soon)

Shush!!! [LD/PD/DS] – Windows PC (a GameJam project in UE4)

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture [AP/PR] – Sony PlayStation 4/Windows PC

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs [AP/PR] – Windows PC/MacOS

RADiODDiTY [LD/PD/DS]– Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Pixo’s All Go Rhythm [LD/PD/DS]– Apple iPhone/iPod Touch

Soccer World: Manager 2009 [LD/PD/DS]– Apple iPhone/iPod Touch

Mr Munchy [LD/PD/DS]– Apple iPhone/iPod Touch

Crystal Quest [LD/PD]– Windows Vista (Launch Title)

Pong, Asteroids & Yars Revenge [LD/PD]– Nintendo Gameboy Advance

Mekken [LD/PD/DS]– Microsoft X-Box, Sony PS2, PC, (Demo to secure contract)

Race Riot (Hit And Run) [PR]– Microsoft X-Box, Sony PS2, Nintendo GC, PC

Chaos (Concept Prototype) [LD/PD/DS]– IBM PC, Microsoft Xbox

Medal Of Honor Underground [LD/PD]– Nintendo Gameboy Advance

Midnight Club [LD/PD]- Nintendo Gameboy Advance

The Mummy [LD/PD]- Sega Dreamcast, IBM PC

Aliens Vs Predator Level Editor Tools [LD/PD]- IBM PC

Theme Park Worlds [PR]- Sony Playstation (Sub-Levels)

Urban Assault [LD/PD]- Sony Playstation

Frenzy Worlds [LD/PD/DS]- IBM PC (available for Publication)

SBK Superbikes [PR]- Sony Playstation (Demo to secure contract)

Scream Rally [LD/DS]- Sony Playstation (Demo to secure contract)

San Francisco Rush [LD]- Sony Playstation

Offensive [LD/PD/DS]- IBM PC, Sony Playstation, Sega Saturn

Chaos Engine [PD/PR]- IBM PC

Sensible World of Soccer / ’95/’96  / ’96/’97 [PD/PR]-

Sensible Soccer [PD/PR]- IBM PC

Cannon Fodder 2 [PD/PR]- IBM PC

Cannon Fodder [PD/PR]- IBM PC

Dune 2 [European Localisation]- IBM PC


Comic Relief ’94 [LD/PD/DS]- Sega Megadrive (Commissioned By Sega)

On The Tiles [LD/PD/DS]- Nintendo Gameboy

Alien Breed [LD/PD]- IBM PC

Mega-lo-Mania [LD/PD]- IBM PC

Hunt For Red October [LD]- Multi-Format

Back to the Future 2 [LD]- IBM PC

Brat [LD/PD]- IBM PC

Chips Challenge [LD]- IBM PC

Rock ‘n Roll [LD]- Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad 6128

Gemini Wings [LD]- Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad 6128, CBM 64

Butcher Hill [PR]- Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad 6128

Captain Blood [PR]- Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad 6128

Ferrari Formula 1 [PR]- Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad 6128

Battlefield [LD/DS]- Sinclair Spectrum

Plasma Ball [LD/DS]- Sinclair Spectrum

Silkworm [LD] – Sinclair Spectrum (Technical Prototype – better than released version!)

Hawkeye [LD] – Sinclair Spectrum (Never released because Thalamus boss was annoyed with being ‘got out of the shower’).

Hellfire Attack [LD/DS]- Sinclair Spectrum, Atari ST, CBM Amiga

Time Scanner [PR]- Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad 6128 (Cancelled)

Flying Shark [PR]- Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad 6128 (Cancelled)

Victory Road [PR]- Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad 6128 (Cancelled)

<Other forgotten about Automata UK games> [PR]- Sinclair Spectrum

Pi There! [PR/DS] – Sinclair Spectrum

Pi in the Sky [LD/DS]- Sinclair Spectrum

The Egg [PR]- Sinclair Spectrum

LD = Lead Programmer, PR = Programmer, PD = Producer, AP=Associate Producer, DS = Designer

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