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Over 37 years experience in the games industry

video game development

Miraclestudios offer you the dependable, reliable approach of experienced games development, with a successful track record going right back to the birth of the UK games industry.

Platform experience includes:
PC - Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation Consoles, Nintendo Platforms (incl Switch).

Extensive experience supporting Unreal Engine 4 and Unity based development, as well as creating and working with bespoke studio engines.

We have developed many Top Ten titles for PC and Console, selling many millions of units. Including the Sensible Soccer series of games on PC, and Midnight Club on Nintendo.

Our experience supports anticipation of accurate development cycles, and our ability to therefore complete projects on schedule and on budget!

A core activity we have engaged in is converting your console-only products to the PC format, to enable a new revenue stream for your IP.

We have many title conversions to PC including: The Mummy, Sensible Soccer, Chips Challenge, Cannon Fodder, Chaos Engine, Elf, Brat, plus lots more.

Title conversions of Console include: Midnight Club, Medal of Honor.

Original Titles we have supported include: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture,

To discuss your development needs, please get in touch via email: info at

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web & applications development

A background in Games Development puts us in a unique position to create engaging Web and Commercial Application products that stand out.

Implementations utilise a wide range of web technologies including HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySQL, etc. and interactive content powered by Unity.

To discuss your project needs please get in touch via email: info at

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