Projects Status

On this page I’ll try to provide a brief status report for each of my in progress projects.

This project featured 2D Physics based gameplay, and formed the technical basis for RADiODDiTY, while working gameplay was implemented for Project-DB I felt it was possibly too similar to another successful title, so it’s on a back burner for now.

This project forms the basis of my first 3D game code running on Android and iOS platforms. Base gameplay has been implemented and works well, however the artist for this project has seemingly let me down, having not produced anything bar the initial batch of resources since development began. Given the intended gothic art style for this project, I’d rather wait to get some high quality art than rush and spoil this project. So it’s on the back burner for now too…

Main character artwork is near completion, test rig and animation have been tested on hardware and seem to work well enough. More design and artwork needs to be completed before I’ll start coding this project, but has a reasonable chance of going ahead at some point this year.

I have a reasonable amount of art assets for this project, from a previously unreleased title, so this project has a good chance of going ahead at some point. Gameplay testing is going to be key to the success of this project, so something not to be rushed!

This project is the result of our University of Portsmouth GameJam 2011 effort. The past two years we’ve won the Best Game award for Pixo’s All Go Rhythm and RADiODDiTY, so this year we set ourselves more of a challenge going 3D and physics based. I did promise myself before the event that we’d do something simple, definetly avoid car physics. So it’s to be expected that we came up with a car game… Enough to say we didn’t finish on time, but I’ve continued working on this so it will form the code basis for other projects (see above). If I can get the project to a reasonably playable state in a short time I’ll release it for FREE, but maybe supported by ads.

This project was intended to be my first 3D game on iOS, but I didn’t get around to actually coding it. I have complete the main vehicle mesh for the project and environments are reasonably easy to implement, however the gameplay might now prove to be too similar to Project-CHO, so I’ll complete work on that before making any further decisions.

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